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Do you need to add aggressive cuteness to your convention, festival, or otherwise fantastic event?

Hard Decora can be a fashion brand in your next fashion show, a panelist with knowledge on alternative fashion culture, an artist able to add to that culture, and an influencer with a fan base of her own. Hard Decora has already been a guest at conventions like Tekko and Washi Con providing for fashion shows, panels, and prizes. The brand has had pop ups in Elephant Room Gallery and Galaxxxy in Shibuya, Japan. The creator (Kamilah Jones) has been a Kawaii Reporter for Kawaii International on NHK and co-hosts O-kei Podcast; a monthly podcast about events in the j-fashion community. She has also modeled for japanese brands such as ACDC Rag Harajuku, Listen Flavor, Hypercore, and Kingly Mask. To top it off Hard Decora and it’s designer have been featured in japanese style magazine KERA, black alternative culture blog Quirktastic, and most recently LGBTQIA fashion online magazine, QWear.

For a complete list of previous events Hard Decora has contributed to please visit the Kawaii Resume! You can visit Panels to see a list of panels with descriptions I can provide at your event.

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