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Hard Decora is a brand that promotes aggressive individuality through bold clothes, accessories, and illustrations. Nationwide, Hard Decora has caught the eye of alternative fashionistas and fashionistos alike with aggressively cute designs stating Fight Me, Damn It, and I Don’t Fuck Around. This kawaii with a kick brand has been spotted at events such as Anime Central, Anime Expo, Tekko, Kastucon and many more. Global attention includes a pop up at the Galaxxxy store in Shibuya, Japan and a feature in KERA magazine. This online wholesale opportunity is new, even so, Hard Decora already has stock with Lolita Collective and Kawaii Society NYC.

If you’re interested in selling Hard Decora brand items in your online, brick and mortar or pop up store please fill out the form below to be added to the exclusive mailing list.

Once I approve your store, you’ll get a welcome email with a code to access the Hard Decora wholesale page. From there you’ll be able purchase items available for wholesale at any time! If you are interested in consignment please send me those details as well.

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