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Wearing JFashion During Family Gatherings

Me wearing Fairy Kei at a previous Thanksgiving

Me wearing Fairy Kei at a previous Thanksgiving

Happy New Year! I hope the resolutions you’ve planned are already coming into fruition. One of my resolutions is keep up my blog more so here goes haha

I’ve just gone through a very family gathering heavy season with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Plus since I’m married and my parents are remarried, I have double the events to go to sometimes. I wear some level of j-fashion to most family events with varying levels of acceptance depending on who I’m with. I know it can be hard to find the courage to wear your clothes around family especially if there’s a chance they won’t support you so I just wanted to share my experience with it.

Mom’s Side of the Family

My mom pretty much was down with me having fun with fashion. I think she saw it as a fun thing to watch me be excited about. So at least I felt like she had my back if someone didn’t like it. My granny I don’t think was into it so much. I vaguely remember her not liking my cat hats (not jfashion but eccentric) but my mom helped quell the debate that was starting in that particular conversation. Other family members would just ask about what I was wearing and just say ok still not really getting it but not against it haha At the most recent Thanksgiving I wore a chill pop kei outfit with magenta harem pants. My cousin Jamie made a joke saying I brought my eating pants referring to how big and stretchy they were. Which could have been true lol My granny expressed her belief that hair dye may be slowly poisoning people and to be careful I guess??? Anyway, my mom’s side is pretty chill when it comes to my outfits.

Dad’s Side of the Family

My dad once pointed at a slightly punk dressing black girl in a Borders and said “Promise me you’ll never dress like that ok?” So that pretty much explains my dad’s reaction to me dressing differently in the future. I think that it worried him, like it said something bad about me spiritually if it was a dark color fashion, stunted maturity if it was too cutesy of a fashion, or it wouldn’t be a good impression overall. I remember some times where he was upset about what I wore to some casual family gatherings. My step mom/her family were really concerned to the point of having mini interventions about why I wore what I wore. Through all that I still wore my fashion to family things because I didn’t want them to think they had won in convincing me otherwise. Eventually my dad has warmed up to it. My dad’s extended family (like aunts, uncles, cousins) love my outfits!

My Partner, Simon’s Family

First of all, Simon’s brother buys Hard Decora shirts and his sister commissioned me for a Hard Decora deco gun so that’s pretty tight already! My hair and outfits are always shocking to Simon’s mom so she asks a bunch of questions about how items are worn or how I got my hair to do whatever it’s doing. Sometimes she likes outfits and sometimes she cocks her head but she never is like “Stop! I hate this!” I know she shows friends my pictures proudly though so I’m pretty sure she’s mostly cool with it. This year while exchanging gifts they looked so puzzled at my Galaxxxy crop top and harem pants I recieved. They thought the crop top was supposed to be regular shirt at first and didn’t understand how it would fit me. So funny!

What I’ve learned so far is that you never know until you try. I was surprised at how many family members actually enjoy what wear, colored contacts and all. I would have never known if I hid it from them. With family that’s more hostile I keep my thoughts on the family that do like my fashion choices, the general jfashion community support, and my live cute or die kawaii attitude! The more they saw that it wasn’t a phase the more they had to accept it. They could see that my fashion didn’t impact my life negatively in the way they thought it would.

Have you worn jfashion to family gatherings or around them? What’s your experience?