Building My Unique Style


   If you've seen me before you know that style wise I tend to hover between decora kei and fairy kei. The artwork for my brand can be used for either style as well. However when I sift through the pictures in Facebook groups relating to those styles I still feel like I haven't achieved the classic look of either style or at least I don't practice it often. My fairy kei outfits forget to be inspired by the 80s and my decora kei coords don't have nearly enough layers or hair clips sometimes haha Even with these realizations I am confident in my style. I don't HAVE to be kawaii like others are kawaii. Frankly, I don't want to.

   Some of my favorite outfits, outfits that really feel like ME, definitely don't follow all the decora or fairy kei qualifications. I'm really carefree about my outfit creation. I don't meticulously note color schemes, make collages, or even heavily think about the qualifications for a style. I let all that stuff hum in the back of mind while I rely on instinct. What I really want to capture from what I've seen before will naturally reveal itself through what I pick out of the closet. How do I want to feel in this outfit? How do I want others to feel? Most of the time (at least in my favorite outfits) it's tough, a little sexy and colorful. That tends to mean less layers in my decora outfits and less classic 80's for fairy kei. There's more to how I create an outfit but this is enough for the topic at hand.

   Don't be disappointed if your jfashion style doesn't look like the others. The important thing is to achieve the type of expression that drew you to the style in the first place. For some people it is checking all the boxes (that can be fun within itself), or pastel nostalgia, or fun patterns or for me bad ass originality. What drew you to the style should be able to shine through and motivate you to polish your techniques in those areas! That's how I stay uniquely happy in my jfashion style!  


How do you approach your style? Do you try to check all the boxes for a particular style or do you focus on certain areas?