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Decora Forever? Or Decora Whatever?



  A question I get a lot on the streets or while on panels is if I dress like THIS everyday.

By THIS I think they mean colorful makeup, wig, bold clothing, a ton of accessories aka a full decora look. When I get this question I feel the pressure to answer a certain way. If I say yes, I can appear more authentic to the fact that this a fashion for me and not a costume. I can also seem completely bonkers to the wrong person haha. Saying no to some would put what I wear in a costume category and would prove that dressing this way is for the childish. I feel like there’s some sort of street cred you get from being a lifestyler in the jfashion community. If you dress hardcore in your style everyday and live in a pink house you get 10 gold stars more than if you only wear it at conventions. That’s not necessarily unwarranted because I’d LOVE a completely kawaii life so it’s inspiring to see people who can get close to that but the goal itself can be intimidating and impractical. Just because you don’t dress like this everyday doesn’t make your jfashion participation any less authentic.


  With that being said my personal answer to how I dress daily is “There are levels to this.” I wear the same colorful clothes that I do at conventions but I don’t wear a wig or makeup or platform shoes or a ton of accessories. I usually have a colorful hairstyle too. I guess this leaves my daily style as a form of pop kei or fairy kei depending on color scheme. People still comment on my style outside but nobody asks for pictures which is awesome. For me this is the perfect balance for running errands or going to a part-time job that allows casual clothes. At meetups or whenever I feel the need I break out the stickers and makeup. I do not currently have a “kawaii home” but whatever, I’m working on it. I’m sure I’ll make blog posts about achievements in that area haha.


    If you’d like to wear alternative fashion daily don’t feel pressured to be at 100% everyday. Create a chill version of your favorite style. This practice can help you feel comfortable and not burnt out from trying so hard. Chill outfits can turn into bomb outfits in the future. It’s really like sketching for a masterpiece. Another fun thing to do is figure out versions for different special occasions like themed birthday parties, weddings, or prom. I do this all the time to best suit the needs of the event while also satisfying my need for color.


   It took a lot of time to get to where I am style wise. When I started wearing jfashion I used meetups and conventions as motivation to create an outfit. I knew that one day I wanted to incorporate this into my daily style but trying for that right then would be too disappointing. Instead I planned outfits months in advance to events so I could pick out clothing I really liked. When an event passed I planned on incorporating at least parts of it with what I already had to wear. Keeping within the same color scheme really helped. Eventually, without even realizing it, I had enough colorful clothes to look how I’ve always wanted to look everyday. I call it, Effortlessly Eccentric lol

Let me know how you make your style daily or not in the comments! :D


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