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3 Ways To Make An Outfit You’re Excited About + My AX 2018 Plans!

As I’m writing this Anime Expo 2018 is coming up very soon! I’m SO excited to travel to LA and visit one of my best friends Monique! We’re planning on hitting up every jfashion event AX has to offer plus few AX adjacent events. This is the perfect opportunity to make some outfits with OTT effort and try some new styles. I’ll explain how I’m going to go about it.



Wednesday evening we’ll be attending Fickle Wish’s AX Kick Off party with special guest Ezaki Bisuko! If you don’t know, Ezaki is the creator of the comic/character Menhera Chan and coined the term Yami Kawaii. With this being the case I’m using the theme of sickly cute to inform my outfit choices. I will not be going with the pleated skirt and oversized tshirt that’s typically associated with the style bc 1. I’m Kamilah so I have a mental block when it comes to following directions lol and 2. I don’t like how pleated skirts look on me most of the time. So I’ll figure something else out that incorporates some part of the event.

For a more fleshed out example when I attended the Baby The Stars Shine Bright tea party at Tekko this year I purchased a BTSSB  salopette to respect the event’s main guests and used the Stay Bad Hard Decora crop top as a blouse to respect my personal style. With this and the addition of YRU platforms and some decora accessories I was able feel pumped about an outfit I could have been uncomfortable in.



If you don’t really have a visual on what type of outfit you want to wear I like to let my passions fuel the outfit. Let’s say I want to feel tough, colorful, and flirty in an outfit. Then I can think about what silhouettes produced these feelings in past and move on from there. I love pairing crop tops with joggers or harem pants to achieve this effect. If I want to feel more kawaii than tough maybe I lean more into a fairy kei look with leggings or a petti skirt. It all depends on how you you want to feel that day and trying to create that moment through an outfit.



I’m not a person that usually does themed outfits. The first two methods are my best bet however when I do choose a theme it’s been very helpful in combination with my other methods. For Paradiso I made a Care Bear themed outfit that made the rest of outfit creation so much easier bc beyond color scheme I had to be things focused on bears or at least toys. I even put my hair in twin buns to look more like a bear. I think it worked because Care Bears are about being colorful and fun. I felt like such a sweetie in it haha!


Like I said I’m going to the AX Kick Off event at Fickle Wish. I have two outfit ideas and it’s going to be hard to choose. Then the fashion show is going to be a must with the last minute addition of Haruka modeling for Listen Flavor! After that I’ll probably walk around a bit and see if there’s anything knew I can add to wardrobe. Saturday there are so many events to attend like the ACDC Rag meet up and Harajuku Day’s meet up and the Fashion Show After Party with Haruka and Chisa in attendance! I’ll probably have to bounce around to get a taste of all of them. I’m hoping to give Haruka a gift for being so amazing and wearing my Damn It shirt a lot. I’m practicing my Japanese but if I get too nervous about anything I’ll forget my own name so we’ll see haha

TLDR: I want to go to every jfashion event offered at AX and SHOP MY ASS OFF.

What are you're techniques for creating an outfit you love wearing? Let me know in the comments!