Event Review

My Dream Jfashion Meet Up: The North American Gyaru Summit

This January 18th - 19th I attended the North American Gyaru Summit hosted by the Black Out gyarusa in Chicago. Gyaru summits are held all over the world but I’ve never been to one so when I heard there was to be a summit right here in Chicago I had to go! Even though my jfashion focus is on decora and fairy kei I’ve had a long time goal of getting into gyaru fashion. There’s a lot of culture intertwined with this style that I felt I could get immersed in during this event. I had so much fun and I took from it a few a ideas of how we could create more community in other jfashion events.

More About Me

Wearing JFashion During Family Gatherings

I’ve just gone through a very family gathering heavy season with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Plus since I’m married and my parents are remarried, I have double the events to go to sometimes. I wear some level of j-fashion to most family events with varying levels of acceptance depending on who I’m with. I know it can be hard to find the courage to wear your clothes around family especially if they don’t support you so I just wanted to share my experience with it.

Fashion Tips

3 Ways To Make An Outfit You’re Excited About + My AX 2018 Plans!

As I’m writing this, Anime Expo 2018 is coming up very soon! I’m SO excited to travel to LA and visit one of my best friends Monique! We’re planning on hitting up every jfashion event AX has to offer plus few AX adjacent events. This is the perfect opportunity to make some outfits with OTT effort and try some new styles. I’ll explain how I’m going to go about it.