O-Kei!! Podcast

O-Kei!! Podcast is dedicated to bringing our listeners j-fashion news and cover important issues in the j-fashion community. We welcome all people from lolita to visual kei and everything in between! O-Kei!! Podcast is hosted by Hayden Lee and Kamilah Jones (aka Hard Decora) and features a new guest every episode. You can listen to our podcast on both iTunes and SoundCloud!

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Ohio kimono

Ohio Kimono is a large online kimono store that offers an ever changing selection of traditional Japanese kimono  in a wide variety of styles, and sizes. Since 2009 our kimono store has sold thousands of kimono to customers all over the world, most of which are located in the USA.  Our online Japanese kimono store has over 1,000 real kimonohaoriobitabi sockskitsuke tools, and more all in stock. We have a large following of customers located in the USA due to our fast shipping times. Our USA shipping times are unrivaled because we ship all orders from our Ohio warehouse.