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Hard Candy (Hard Decora x Puvithel)

Hard Candy Chain Belt


This incredibly intricate belt is part of our collab set with Puvithel!

This belt is modular, which means most parts and sections can be unhooked and moved via lobster clips. Gummy bear nurses also double as pins. This multi-configurable belt can be worn a dozen ways!

Pick from 5 colorway choices using the required form that pops up after ADD TO CART button is pressed. Strawberry, pill, and gummy bear color will be chosen to match colorway, but will be different for each belt. If you'd like more control over colors of gummy bears, etc, please order the 'Custom' belt listing instead.

+++++ Please list a second choice of colorway in case your first colorway sells out +++++

Standard belt length goes up to 37" . For a longer belt length, simply comment your desired belt length in the check out comments.

*Some product photos show belt pre-grommets, but all belts will have grommets.

Belt includes of:

+ Two movable leather belt sections

+ One Hard Candy original Enamel dangle

+ Two Rx Pill dangles

+ One movable chain with three strawberries

+ Three gummy bear pins

+ Two colored chain connectors

Belt consists of:

+ Two custom designed laser-cut black leather pieces

+ One Hard Candy original Enamel piece

+ Twenty different custom original laser cut acrylic peices

+ Four different types of colored chain

+ Six AB rainbow letter beads

+ Eight grommets

+ 13 ea screws, washers, and nuts

+ Hours of blood, sweat, and tears ;_;

+ Heaps of love and pride in a job well done

++ If Items don't sell out by 8/20, payment plans will be available for remaining items ++

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