KAwaii resume



Anime Central

apparel booth in the exhibitor hall - a part of a Jfashion 101 panel

Anime Midwest

apparel booth in the exhibitor hall

Hard Decora Pop UP At Elephant Room gallery

Organized a pop up event spanning several weekends and featuring 2 other artist


Reported on a Chicago clothing swap event for episode #64 of Kawaii International. Kawaii.I is an internationally broadcasted show on the NHK network that covers topics in japanese alternative fashion scene.

Kawaii reporter For Kawaii International

Created 10 Youtube videos around the Journey to Kawaii theme for the Black Girls are Kawaii Youtube channel.

Black girls are kawaii youtuber

Sold my apparel in the Shibuya galaxxxy store for a month as a guest designer.

Galaxxxy store Pop Up

While in Japan I had a photoshoot directed by the designer of ACDC Rag Harajuku used to promote some recent apparel

Photo Shoot with ACDC Rag harajuku

Apparel booth in the exhibitor hall.

Anime central

Launched a monthly jfashion news and interview podcast.

Co-created the o-kei podcast with hayden

Participated in a joint exhibitor hall booth with Lolita Collective

Anime expo

Participated in a joint booth with Lolita Collective and a designer’s panel

Dragon Con

Apparel booth in dealers hall.

Soy con

Group holiday pop up in San Fransisco, CA facilitated by Lolita Collective and The Black Ribbon

Lolita collective holiday pop up


Washi con

Jfashion guest at the convention and hosted a Diversity in Jfashion panel.

Designer in the fashion show, sold apparel through Lolita Collective, and participated in a designer’s panel.


apparel booth in the artist alley and O-Kei Podcast live show panel

Uchi con

apparel booth in the exhibitor hall, a part of a Jfashion 101 panel, held interviews for O-Kei Podcast, and a presenter for the Kimono to Kawaii panel

Anime central

Jfashion guest, designer in the fashion show with guest model Haruka Kurebayashi, a part of autograph sessions, hosted the Jfashion Confidence and Decora 101 panels, held a jfashion meet up with brand Puvithel, and a part of a indie designers panel.


Modelled for ACDC Rag Harajuku, Hypercore, Listen Flavor, and Kingly Mask

Anime expo

An educational presentation on the development of Japanese fashion from Kimonos to kawaii fashion of today held at the Chicago Japanese Cultural Center. I explained the decora kei section

Kimono to kawaii event

co-hosted an O-Kei Podcast live show with Hayden on the Assumptions of Jfashion

Chicago Podcast Festival

gave a Decora 101 presentation at the college’s anime club

elmwood community college

Hard Decora items sold at the Kawaii Society booth during Anime NYC

anime nyc