What can hard decora speak on for you?

O-Kei Podcast Live Performance at the Chicago Podcast Festival 2018

O-Kei Podcast Live Performance at the Chicago Podcast Festival 2018

Decora 1o1

Join Kamilah Jones, the creator of the brand Hard Decora, as she explains the what-who-wear of the japanese fashion style of decora! You will leave know what makes decora special and how to create a wardrobe yourself. 

jfashion/ alternative fashion confidence

So you want to wear bold fashion but you're too scared to wear it outside. We certainly can't have that! In this panel we discuss the fears you may have in taking up a new fashion habit and how to overcome them.

Diversity in jfashion

If you're plus size, a person of color, or a person a part of the trans community it can be hard to find feel like you belong in the jfashion community. This panel is for those interested or already involved in the jfashion community that want to learn how to find the right community for you and to make a more welcoming space for everyone. Whether you belong to these minority groups or not, you'll leave with more insight and compassion to give to your local community. Rating: Everyone 

O-Kei Podcast, the audio show that discusses jfashions news and issues from a western perspective, can discuss topics live in a panel or theater format. So far Hayden and I have discussed topics like Assumptions in Jfashion and The Difference Between Jfashion and Cosplay. We usually save more general topics for conventions but can be more detailed the larger the jfashion presence.

O-kei Podcast Live show

(Description Coming Soon)

Grown and kawaii: bringing jfashion into adulthood